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Heat Scale


Heat Scale



As tranquil as a mid summer's ride on the carousel in the park. This category offers lots of flavor and just a hint of heat. Great products for those that want to add just a bit of zest to lifes' ride


An adventurous trail ride for sure. Flavor is the lead horse for this pack of sauces, yet there's still enough heat to send your horse running back to the barn for a drink. Awesome category of products for folks that enjoy some heat, but want flavor to be the guide.


This category of sauces will surely have your horse galloping at full speed through the arena, clearing every jump with ease. For folks that like a little heat, you'll find these sauces to be a nice balance of heat and flavor. This category offers a lot of enjoyable and delicious products for folks that like "hot stuff".


A sure bet for heat lovers! True thoroughbred heat that will guarantee a trip to the winner's circle. These products win with heat, with flavor coming in a close second. 


For responsible & mature heat jockeys only! These sauces are bred for the hottest heat mother nature can create. They are sure to finish lengths in front of the rest for explosive heat... leaving nothing but flaming hoof prints behind.